Bristow’s show multi tooth rolls split level subsoiler combination on–show in Fields of the Future at Cereals


Peter Bristow farmer, engineer, designer and Inventor exhibited his new Concept Rape Drill subsoiler combination at Cereals. It was designed to improve the problems farmers encounter and to improve cost savings and yields when trying to establish our rape crops. With ex-farm prices for OSR rising around 40% in the past year, continued pressure fromContinue Reading

Cereals sees launch of new Cataya conventional drill combination from Amazone


The trend latterly when it comes to drill combinations has been very much in favour of pneumatic metering systems. Larger hopper capacities and the introduction of electrically-driven metering systems with push-button calibration and automatic GPS-based headland shut-off systems have been the main driving factors. However, the simplicity of a conventional seed drill with its lackContinue Reading