ACREplus range of tillage wearing parts added to the Spaldings range of implement solutions


A further choice of hard wearing replacements for original soil-engaging parts on tillage equipment has been introduced by Spaldings as the newly-appointed exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for the ACREplus range from Milson Foundry in New Zealand. The range comprises plain and winged points for subsoilers and cultivators made to accurate patterns toContinue Reading

Syngenta at Tillage-Live demonstrating the importance of maximising pre-emergence efficiency


Pre-emergence applications can be high risk for drift due to bare soils that release stored heat causing air/spray to rise, and there being no crop to intercept spray. Small spray droplets are particularly susceptible to spray drift. Product drift not only reduces efficacy but also risks contaminating ‘non target’ areas. Crop protection chemistry is alreadyContinue Reading