Trelleborg shows how to protect soils at Tillage-Live

Trelleborg practically demonstrated how the correct tyre selection, setting and use can protect soils, whilst improving work rates and minimizing fuel use at Tillage-Live. Trelleborg’s field demonstrations showcased the importance of selecting the optimal tyre inflation pressure for specific farming operations, as recommended using the Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC). Test results have demonstrated that byContinue Reading

Crossland mounted harrow available from Gregoire Besson

Gregoire Besson’s Crossland mounted harrow are available with either a fixed frame (1230 model) or folding frame (2230 and 2306 models). The harrow’s versatility is reflected in the choices available which include: Choice of tine spacing (230mm or 306mm). Choice of rear accessories: Triple following harrow or Rear roller (different profiles). Choice of levelling implements:Continue Reading