Lemken Juwel 8VT at Tillage Live


Lemken’s Juwel 8VT was on display at Tillage Live. The top-spec 6 furrow Lemken 8VT L100 has a list price of around £40,000 but if you choose to be economical with the options it is nearer £30,000.

The 8VT line-up is available from 3 to 7 furrows and comes with hydraulic vari-width adjustment as standard, as well as hydraulic auto-reset legs.

Under-frame clearance is 80cm inter-body spacing is 100cm and the beam measures 140mm x 140mm. The 5 plus one model is suitable for tractors up to 240 hp and weighs in at 2,026kg.

The plough’s fly-by-wire controls offer an electro-hydraulic turnover sequence, adjustment of working width and plough depth as working angle.


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